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May we introduce ourselves?

Corrie and Ron de Hoog

In the spring of 2002 we said goodbye to ou
r life in H
olland to start a new one in France. Not because we were unhappy or dissatisfied, but because we did not want to have regrets at a later stage for not having realised our plans, or just left it too late.

To make our dreams come true, choices had to be made.
So, a job was given up, a company wound up, properties sold.

In 2001 we bought – after a lot of thought -our beautiful home in an equally beautiful spot. Still young enough to start new activities, and because we still had to earn our living, we started our French B&B in 2003, officially.  



We wanted a more quiet, natural and relaxed way of living, without the stress of a demanding and urbanized Holland. So it became a B&B, although the profession of host and hostess was new to us as well. It seemed (and proved to be) a really satisfying occupation when you bear in mind that it matches our wishes and hobbies perfectly.

Their has always been a dog in our live in France. Since July 2019 that is Nina. Together with our lovely cat she is a happy part of our family.

We would love to welcome you as well one day



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