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We would like to tell you something about the origins of this website. Right from the beginning we were convinced that we would need a website for our French B&B. But how were we to set about such a task, being a Dutch couple in France, amateurs in building websites and most of all, very busy rebuilding the place. Béatrice and Henry, former colleagues in a nearby B&B, who have become friends in the meantime, found the solution. Thanks to their knowledge, skills and  enthusiasm, you are looking at the result.

It was all thought over very well : the structure (as clear as possible and easily accessible), contents (much extra information), logo, texts, colours and photographs.

The French version was written in cooperation with Henry, Béatrice and Corrie, the Dutch one by Corrie, and our esteemed guest, Ted Webster, edited Corrie’s English translation. The photos were taken by Corrie, but mostly by Henry and Béatrice. They have been fans of the Creuse much longer than we have.

The colours of the site, violet and red, are adopted from the two wisteria that adorn our house and the shutters on the street side. You will recognize these colours in our garden in several places.
The logo was designed by our friend
Margreet van Terwisga, graphic designer at Arnhem, Holland; www.vanterwisga.com.

At the same time Corrie studied web design with Henry, and is now able to maintain it herself.

Do you have any remarks or tips? Please, do not hesitate to send them to corrieron@wanadoo.fr.


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