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The name "Veï Lou Quéri”

When we went into the history of the Creuse, we found out that the river Creuse (they say) was the border between the two ancient French languages, the langue d’oc and the langue d’oil. So it was possible that on one side of the river you could hear the shepherds shout to their dogs “Vai la quare” and on the other side “Veï Lou Quéri”, which in both cases in modern French means “Va les chercher”, “bring them in”, their sheep and cows.

We live our life with a wink, so our choice was quickly made. We wanted a name with a reference to the history of the Creuse, saw ourselves as the shepherds (host/hostess), we love dogs and we like to consider our guests as our sheep……….

Besides there is an amusing coincidence with the French language. If you pronounce the name quickly it sounds like “vélo qui rit” (the smiling bicycle), and indeed it’s a wonderful place to cycle.

The logo
Both the wink and our travel bug can be recognized in our logo. The shepherd with his dog and the sheep in a Creuse landscape. Yes, you are right. The shepherd is not from here. It’s a Tanzanian shepherd we met during one of our voyages. The distinct look of this man with his dog made Corrie think that he must be the god of dog’s heaven and bearing in mind her love for man’s best friend, it will be clear why they appeared in our logo.

The old cherry tree 

 The well

Lady's smock in the garden

Blossoming cherry tree on the court yard

Wood for the winter

Water plants in the pond

Flowering hydrangea at the entrance 

B&B for birds 

The garden gate 

Detail of the garden gate 

Flowering glycine


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