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Our table d'hôtes formula is an extra service we offer to our guests. You have no obligation. We only serve evening meals and only to our own guests (and when we do not have other engagements ourselves of course). It’s a real boon for those arriving the same day, not wanting to get in their car again to visit a restaurant or trying to find their way through French menus.

So, we are not a restaurant, open to everybody. As a consequence you cannot choose from the menu, but are obliged to accept what has been prepared. However, you need to tell us - at breakfast at the latest – if you want to have dinner with us. If possible, we take your wishes into account, such as vegetarian food, special diets and when there is something you really do not like. Be assured that we ourselves do not eat tripe or other organ meat that the French like so much.

You may expect a balanced quality meal with:
- a starter
- a main course with fresh vegetables
- cheese
- and a dessert
- ¼ l. of wine p.p.
- coffee or tea

We are not professional caterers. Corrie likes cooking very much and we are both fond of good food ourselves. And so you can taste! With us no Chinese take-a ways, ready-made meals, packages, pots or McBurgers. Instead, fresh vegetables, meat and fruit from our own garden or those of our neighbors. Do not expect only real Dutch meals, nor French, Italian, or from whatever country. “Corrie's kitchen” is a mixture of them all.  Sometimes, with a wink to her Moroccan adventures, she will prepare her guests a Moroccan meal, with spices freshly bought over there.

So, the concoction of our meals is determined by the seasons, influences from all over the world and surely by our own taste.

Home < Table d'Hôtes - Dinners < About our evening meals

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