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As we have mentioned before, the Creuse is a mirror of unspoilt nature : a variety of landscapes, flora and fauna, special light, beautiful views, murmuring water and silence.

But there is a lot of sightseeing to do as well. Romanesque churches, feudal castles, Gallo-Roman bridges, unusual villages, arts and crafts workshops and galleries. Vestiges of the local heritage (fountains, wash houses, crosses), all kinds of museums, arboretums, gardens and remarkable natural scenes.

On this page we only give you a summary. More information is available with us or you can read about it on the French pages of this site.

The Creuse is also the land of lakes, like “Le Pays des 3 Lacs” (the Country of the three lakes), begun in 1982 with the construction of 3 dams in the Creuse river. The river and the lakes offer all kinds of water leisure activities and are bordered by small villages where famous painters found their inspiration. The Lakes of Vassivière and Chambon are larger and a bit further away.

In the neighbourhood several gardens and arboretums are open to visitors, amongst which the Jardin de Sauveterre (wild flowers) in our own village. Also to be mentioned are Les Jardins Artistiques de Drulon, Les Jardins Au Prieuré Notre-Dame d'Orsan, Le Parc naturel des Parelles, Les Jardins de la Sédelle and Les Jardins Clos de la Forge.

Lovely villages
La Châtre and Argenton sur Creuse are worthwile visiting, like Gargilesse, Bourganeuf, Boussac and Aubusson. The famous tapestry has its origin in the latter. In 2009 they were designed to the Unesco world heritage list.

 Chevaux en liberté dans la Creuse

 Genêts en fleurs sur la vallée de la Creuse 

 Le rocher de Jupille au Bourg d'Hem

Lac du Bourg d'Hem à l'automne 

 La plage de Jouillat au Pays des 3 Lacs

Le rocher des Fileuses à Crozant 

Le château de Gargilesse

L'église de Gargilesse

Le village d'artistes de Gargilesse

La rivière Gargilesse

Gargilesse vu par Osterlind

Paysage bocager entre Creuse et Berry

Churches and abbeys
Almost every village, including our own, has its ancient little church. The Prébenoît abbey tells its own story on church history.

There are many castles to be visited. We often mention the castles of Sarzay, Culan and Boussac, because all three of them were restored privately and remain in private hands. But other impressive ones in their own right are the Château d'Ars, Villemonteix, and the ruins of Ste. Sévère, but also for their scenic view on the surrounding landscape.

Scenic views
And talking about views, what about Toulx-Sainte-Croix? At a height of 655 m., you can see 7 departments and the Puy de Dôme in clear weather, the highest volcano peak in the Auvergne. Not far from there are “les Pierres Jaumatres” (Jaumatres stones), a very peculiar natural phenomenon, maybe even comparable to Stonehenge? 

Large and small museums : Dedicated to George Sand, the famous French writer, modern and ancient art and tapestry, archaeology, agricultural history, etc. Dedicated to Jaques Tati who in 1947turned the famous film "Jour de Fête" in the nearby village of Sainte Sévère sur Indre, with its entire population being the actors.The restored vestiges of a significant local artisan activity: the manufacture of tiles and bricks, les Tuileries de Pouligny at Cheniers and the sculptured village of Masgot all belong in the same class.

A very special place is Oradour. On 10th of June 1944 the whole population of this village was massacred by the Germans. The men were shot in the street; women and children burned in the church. In vain the occupying forces tried to destroy the village. As a testimonial to this awful tragedy the village was left as it was found. A memorial centre was built on the spot. Qu'il n'y aura jamais plus une guerre ! Let there never be another war!

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